About Us

We distill and interpret performance data from operating PV plants. Our platform enables assessment and optimization of PV plants by integrating data quality management, performance modeling and proprietary algorithms.

Clears Sky Analytics brings together domain expertise, real world experience and analysis software. We are dedicated to crafting value enhancing solutions for our customers.

Analytics and Advisory Services

Electric Meter


Value Based On Actual Performance

  • Evaluate system performance
  • Quantify loss factors and degradation
  • Update energy forecast
  • Provide technical due diligence and warranty support
Solar Array


Remediation And Service Optimization

  • Report underperformance with speed and accuracy
  • Identify and prioritize addressable opportunities
  • Quantify expected energy impact of specific corrective actions
  • Provide computed metrics for remote fault detection



Ajay Saproo
Founder & CEO

John Corson
Founder & CTO